Ambient Temperature Affects Your Commercial Business

If you are a commercial business owner, the good news is that research shows that while online shopping and business have risen considerably, more than 85 percent of people still prefer to visit brick and mortar businesses. One of the most effective marketing tactics you can employ is offering a comfortable environment for your customers or clients to visit. For instance, retail shops should be kept cool and dry and when stores are too warm and stuffy, sales decline dramatically. This is even true in the winter when many of your potential customers are wearing sweaters, jackets, and warm weather gear. If your temperature is equivalent to a warm mug of coffee, customers will leave more readily to find a more comfortable shopping experience. What this means for you is that your commercial air conditioning system should be maintained to ensure optimal performance and keep shoppers in your store rather than seeking refuge in your competitor’s location.

Cooler Environments Lead to Higher Spending

Ideal shopping ambient temperatures may vary, but a general rule of thumb is between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer months, when shoppers are wearing less clothing, you will want to increase the temperature slightly to between 73 and 78 degrees and in the winter drop it closer to the 68 mark. Interestingly enough, one study found a positive correlation between perceived luxury and lower temperatures.

For other industries such as restaurants and grocery stores, lower temperatures encourage customers to consume more and stay longer, which means more money spent. Quick-stop locations such as banks, railing posts, and pharmacies benefit from even cooler temperatures. Ensure that your commercial cooling and ventilation systems are performing well to keep your customers happy.

Commercial Heating Systems

To ensure that your customers are comfortable, you can install an overhead heater above the entry door to provide a blast of warm air as customers enter. This will warm them up from the bitter cold of the Salt Lake winter while allowing you to keep your store at a cooler, optimal shopping temperature.

The dry, desert air of Salt Lake City helps prevent commercial buildings from becoming too stuffy, but you can help maintain a desirable humidity level by installing a humidifier if needed or removing excess moisture if you are in a wet industry — pet store, carpet cleaning, or in an older building with poor ventilation — with a dehumidifier.

For all of your commercial air condition, heating, and humidity needs, contact your local Salt Lake City HVAC company. At Service Mechanical Controls (SMC), we can install new commercial heating and cooling equipment or service your existing commercial HVAC equipment. Whether you operate a small, stand-alone shop or are located in a large commercial building, we can ensure that the air conditioning, ventilation, and heating systems are operating with precision to ensure the most comfortable environment for your employees and customers. Contact us today for your free estimate.