Commercial Heating in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City winters are mild thanks to the protection that the bordering Rocky Mountains offer the region. However, seven months out of the year produce ambient temperatures that are well below room temperature and require heating for homes and residences. At Service Mechanical Controls, we are Salt Lake City’s trusted, local HVAC company. We have the equipment and skills necessary to keep your commercial business warm all winter while saving your business money on energy bills.

The Importance of Commercial Heating to Salt Lake City Businesses: Why Commercial HVAC Matters

You may already be well aware that keeping your commercial building warm in the blistering cold of a Utah winter is important to business. Some industries thrive in slightly cooler temperatures, such as retail, food service, and the medical industry. However, if your establishment is uncomfortably cold — as it would be in the absence of heating — you will quickly lose customers and potentially supplies. Additionally, when your employees get too warm, they are less likely to be productive and can get sick more readily and often. This means less production and an increase in downtime, regardless of what your commercial business is. Keep your business operating smoothly by ensuring that your commercial heating system is performing optimally with commercial HVAC services.

Commercial HVAC Services Help Your Business Save Money

The old saying goes “you have to spend money to make money,” but that is not meant to imply that wasting money is the key to a larger income. Money should be invested wisely and you should seek for saving options at all times. This includes your commercial HVAC system. Routine and preventative maintenance ensures that your commercial heating and cooling systems are operating optimally, which helps save money in both your utility bill and in the long run by increasing the lifespan of your commercial heating unit.

Salt Lake City presents some unique HVAC concerns including the salt film that collects from evaporation off of the Great Salt Lake, mold that collects in ducts from constant fluctuations in warmer and freezing temperatures, and particulate build up from inverse smog that develops several times a year. These, plus the regular commercial HVAC concerns should be monitored by experienced professionals, leaving you more time to handle the ins and outs of your business.

If your commercial heater is more than a few years old, it is a good idea to have it inspected by professional HVAC technicians to identify any concerns or problem areas that are causing your unit to work harder than it needs to. Commercial heating units can be expensive, however, the cost of a new unit may be minimal in comparison to the money that is being wasted each month by operating a poorly-performing heating system. The good news is, the talented HVAC technicians at Service Mechanical Controls are well-trained and experienced in repairing commercial furnaces and heating systems and may be able to help you save even more money by saving your existing unit.

Commercial HVAC Services Provided by Service Mechanical Controls

Commercial furnaces and heaters operate similarly to residential units, with a few major differences. The sheer volume of air that must be warmed and circulated lends to larger units that require special training and tools to maintain and repair. At Service Mechanical Controls, all of our HVAC technicians are specially trained in handling commercial heating. Our commercial heating services include:

  • Commercial Heater Installation
  • Commercial Furnace Installation
  • Duct Installation (new construction or add-on to the existing structure)
  • Heater Replacement
  • Furnace Replacement
  • Heater Repair
  • Furnace Repair
  • Heater Maintenance
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Commercial Heating Service Agreements
  • Emergency HVAC Services

HVAC Service Agreements at SMC

One of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to ensure that your commercial heating and cooling systems maintain optimal performance is with a maintenance contract with Service Mechanical Controls. You can think of our service agreements as a “set it and forget it” plan that allows you to get back to taking care of business, while we make sure that your commercial heating and cooling units are maintained. We perform routine and preventative maintenance and identify and fix any potential problems before your commercial building feels the effects. For more information about our service contracts, read here.

At Service Mechanical Controls, we are local to the area and understand the challenges your commercial HVAC unit faces. We take pride in providing quality services that keep your commercial building comfortable all year round. For more information or to schedule your service, contact us today!